Handmade Shaman's Drum with rebirth Snake Totem and Apple wood handle

These handmade Shamanic drums are based on a Scandinavian design.  They are smaller, however, as Scandinavian drums were widely made with Reindeer skin and these are made with Roe Deer, a smaller animal.  They are made with traditional techniques, and all materials are locally sourced.  The frame is steam bent Ash wood, which gives great resonance, and the beaters are felted using Alpaca wool.

Alpaca Beaters, made from Ash Wood (top) and Yew Wood.

There are four sound blocks placed at the directional points.  These were traditionally made of Reindeer vertebrae.  I use wood, chiselled in such a way so as they hold the same shape as vertebrae.

Sound block detail

The first drum I made, under the instruction of Running Horse, was made of Red Deer skin and so is slightly larger than the drums I now make.  However, the smaller drums are made in the same way and still retain the deep resonance.

The Red Deer skin drum


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  1. Hi Jess,

    your website is beautiful and your work is really really wonderful.

    Claudia Goncalves

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