Buy Shamanic Drum

You can commission a Shamanic drum, deciding on your own totem animal.  This will be painted on with henna.  You can also order an unadorned Shamanic drum which will come with henna and instructions of how to use, so as you can paint your own totem animal.

To order a Shamanic drum, email:

Shamanic drums with totem animal design  £80

Shamanic drums without design  £70


2 Responses to Buy Shamanic Drum

  1. Irati says:

    Blessings and Namaste to a dear sister in the land of the Fae!

    “After all this time, the Sun doesn’t tell the Earth:
    ‘you owe me!’

    and look what happens with a love like that!
    the entire Universe lits up.”

    I hope my love embraces you in the same way and that the light of the blessings I am sending you and these drums, and this path that dances you with Shamanic drums and Drums with you makes you bake in light, love, abundance and eternal truth just like the way papa Surya Deva burns in the sky….

    I love you sister, and I am excitingly happy to see this page and have yet another means to get to read about your games and plays and the aarti of your life.

    I just wanted to say:
    I love you


  2. Jackie Pond says:

    I’d love to talk with you about a drum. How can I do that?
    Many Blessings,

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