Shamanic Drums

The frame drum is widely used in shamanic ritual all over the world.  Although there may be some cultural differences in the way they are made, most are single skin frame drums, held by a wooden cross-piece, and played with a beater. The skin is sometimes decorated with a totem animal or a representation of the division of the cosmos into upper, middle and lower worlds. A shamanic ritual often begins with heating the drum by a fire to tighten the skin, thereby achieving the desired pitch. There is a great importance placed upon percussion in ritual music.  The tempo of the drum enables the Shaman to enter the desired brain wave state, which corresponds to the number of beats per second of the drum.  The effect on the brain of these binaural beats was researched by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839, and it is claimed that they could help induce states of relaxation or meditation.

I make Shamanic Drums in Scotland, where I live.  I learned this craft from Running Horse.  As well as playing the drums as part of my Shamanic practise, I also play one in a band called Portnawak and The Woo.  I am happy to make these drums to order.

The maker and her drum

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